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Confidential Waste Paper Shredding & Waste Management Solutions

Paper Collection

Inevitably, over the years any business will accumulate a large amount of waste paper that does not contain sensitive data and therefore does not require shredding. If you have a particularly high turnover of paper you may require regular collection, a service that we would be happy to provide.

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In addition to paper and cardboard collection we also offer a comprehensive recycling process to ensure that your business is making a minimal impact on the environment. Throwing paper and cardboard into the general household waste means that it will end its life in a landfill, which is a rapidly growing problem both in the UK and abroad. There has never been a better time to begin green practices, starting with paper recycling.

Cardboard Collection

For paper and cardboard collection look no further than Data Shred. Our team will arrange with you a mutually agreeable time and arrive to collect your paper and cardboard on-site. Paper and cardboard collection is available 7 days a week to ensure we are available when you need us most. To arrange a collection, give us a call today.